7 Basic Seo Tips To Index Rank New Content Faster

7 Basic SEO Tips to Index Rank New Content Faster on Web than your Competitor on the web, Want to know check out now

7 Basic Seo Tips To Index Rank New Content Faster
7 Basic Seo Tips To Index Rank New Content Faster

7 Basic Seo Tips To Index Rank New Content Faster

1. URL Inspection / Fetch & Render

indexing content is not that hard in Google. Google provides us with some tools. The simplest and fastest is probably the URL Inspection tool. It’s in the new Search Console, previously Fetch and Render. As of this filming, both tools still exist. They are depreciating Fetch and Render.

2. Sitemaps

If you’re not using sitemaps, it’s one of the easiest, quickest ways to get your URLs indexed. When you have them in your sitemap, you want to let Google know that they’re actually there. You can also do it using the Search Console Sitemap Report, another report in the new Search Console. You can go in there and you can submit sitemaps.

3. Google Indexing API

Google and Bing have introduced new APIs to help speed up and automate the crawling and indexing of URLs. While the Bing API is intended for any new/updated URL, Google states that their API is specifically for “either job posting or Livestream structured data.”

4. Links from important pages

When you publish new content, the basic, if you do nothing else, you want to make sure that you are linking from important pages. Important pages may be your homepage, adding links to the new content, your blog, your resources page. This is a basic step that you want to do. You don’t want to orphan those pages on your site with no incoming links.

5. Update old content

A lot of people use a link on their homepage or link to older articles, but they forget that step of going back to the older articles on your site and adding links to the new content. Now, what pages should you add from? One of my favorite techniques is to use this search operator here, where you type in the keywords that your content is about and then you do a site:example.com.

6. Share socially

A really obvious step, sharing socially. When you have new content, sharing socially, there’s a high correlation between social shares and content ranking. But especially when you share on content aggregators, like Reddit, those create actual links for Google to crawl.

7. Generate traffic to the URL

This is kind of an advanced technique, which is a little controversial in terms of its effectiveness, but we see it anecdotally working time and time again. That’s simply generating traffic to the new content. Some old Google patents talk about measuring the traffic, and Google can certainly measure traffic using Chrome. They can see where those sites are coming from.