Technical Comunication Skill


Technical Comunication Skill
Technical Comunication Skill

Technical Comunication Skill

1. Listening skill General

social interaction,public speeches, raidas, TV, new report.. 
Academic: Lecture, tutorials, seminars, workshops, viva etc... Professional: Meetings, conferences, interviews, etc

2. Speaking

Asking and answering questions. Expressing and professional oral Interaction. Academic and professional discussion. Meeting/ conferences. 

3. Writing skill General

personal letter, personal E-mail, notes, comment etc.. 
Academi: Examination answers, project report, class notes, PPTs etc. 

4. Reading skills

Newspaper, magazine, novels, story books. etc... 
Academic: Text books, research paper, abstraction, tutorials etc.. Profeshnal: Business report, notices, catalogues, brochures, business letters etc...