8 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making! How To Avoid Them?

Here are 8 mistakes that you're likely making with your email marketing campaigns and ways that you can fix or avoid them!

8 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making! How To Avoid Them?
8 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making! How To Avoid Them?

8 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making! How To Avoid Them?

1. Penning Poor Subject Lines

We all receive a ton of emails. As a result, many readers simply scan each email subject line for mere microseconds before performing a mass deletion of unwanted sales pitches.

2. Failing to Utilize Message Previews

Most email programs feature previews that briefly introduce readers to the topics covered in the correspondence. The email preview works a bit like a lead in a news story. Just as the first line of an article needs to grab the readers’ interest, message previews let prospects know if they want to read further.

3. Not Letting Readers Reply

Always provide readers with a way to get in touch. If allowing replies grows too overwhelming, integrate a “Contact Us” link that leads potential clients to a well-designed landing page where they can pose inquiries or request further info.

4. Coming Across As Shady

Readers today avoid opening emails that contain even a hint of a phishing scam for good reason. Avoid too much hyperbole in email campaigns. Always keep the tone professional and courteous, and go the extra mile by including a privacy notice in each email.

5. Going Crazy With Graphics

the correct use of charts and highlighted sale graphics can increase conversion rates, consider them the spices you add to the main dish of quality content. A little goes a long way, and too much spoils the entire meal.

6. Failing to Track Campaigns

Email campaigns need to incorporate tracking programs to identify what messages get potential customers to take action and which ones get sent straight to the computerized recycling bin. Establish a tracking system to continually improve marketing measures and increase conversion rates.

7. Not Pruning the Branches

Keeping paying customers coming back for more content shares importance with avoiding wasting time on those who never open emails, or worse, report them as spam. Evaluate your customer list every quarter and delete contacts who never convert.

8. Forgetting a Call to Action

The most important aspect of email marketing campaigns is getting readers to take action and invest in products and services. Effective calls to action focus on the customer, not the product.